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In 2016, large-size TV products have achieved explosive growth in the market. In terms of the current mainstream market, the vast majority of users tend to purchase large-screen TV products, generally at least 50 inches or more. However, 60-inch screens and above are more effective when viewed, and most mainstream TV products on the market are equipped with 4K ultra-high-definition resolution screens. When viewed, the picture quality will be more clear and delicate, and it will become a consumer purchase. The mainstream product.

Seven large-size TVs are recommended

Big screen is a major development trend of the TV market this year. Large size + ultra high definition has now become the standard for many home TV purchases. We know that larger screens allow users to have a better telepresence when watching TV, and large-size TVs are basically equipped with 4K ultra-high-definition panels. In the future, the TV screen will definitely go to a big screen. The greater the popularity of large-screen TVs, it also boosted the development of 4K technology to offset the shortcomings of large-screen TVs.

Imagine living room 4K big screen

Although the market share of 4K TV products continues to increase, the problem of insufficient film sources has been criticized by a large number of users. However, with a large number of 4K TVs being sold, it brought a large number of 4K users, and also brought a lot of demand for 4K film sources. With such a high growth rate, major video providers will certainly not ignore them. Faced with such a large demand for 4K resources, it is both a challenge and an opportunity for these video platforms. Many platforms have now built their own 4K industry chain. Here I will bring you several large-screen 4K TVs for everyone. I hope to help everyone in the purchase.

65-inch Surface Quantum Dots Samsung UA65KS9800

Samsung's flagship KS9800 TV is equipped with second-generation quantum dot display technology, curved borderless design, 1000nits HDR display technology, high-resolution 10bit LCD panel, moth-eye bionic, Supreme ultra-clear local area light control, and Supreme MR 200 dynamic compensation technology. Black anti-reverse technology and so on, these technologies combine to bring users a powerful picture quality and immersive experience. One 65-inch KS9800 TV in the Gome online price 23699 yuan.

The Samsung KS9800 series TV is equipped with a cadmium-free 10bit second generation quantum dot display with a curvature of 4200, capable of restoring up to 1 billion colors and a maximum brightness of 1000nit. At the same time with Samsung's deep black anti-reverse, automatic depth of field technology, greatly reducing the screen glare, increase the screen layering, to ensure that from different perspectives can get a similar and consistent viewing experience. In terms of interfaces, the KS9800 provides four HDMI, three USB, one component input, one AV input, one LAN cable jack, one digital audio optical output, and one RF interface, which is sufficient for everyday use.

Samsung UA65KS9800

The KS9800 second-generation surface QD TV is very elegant from any angle. As the world's first non-border surface design product, it brings consumers unprecedented “melting sensation”. This SUHD TV adopts a curved surface design, which not only has a unique appearance, but also enhances the depth and three-dimensionality of the viewing. The overall workmanship is rather elegant. The KS9800 is a flagship model and it is truly a model with detailed workmanship. To make the product's overall sense of science and technology full.

Brightness peaks up to 1000 nits

On the software side, the SUHD TV KS9800 is running a new version of the Samsung Tizen intelligent system. The smooth operation, user-friendliness of the UI, and the availability of features have all been significantly improved. With Samsung's upgraded Smart Hub, Smart View, and multi-screen technology, it is easy to implement cross-device, cross-platform connectivity and instantly share favorite content with family members. Workmanship is tightly stitched, materials are used, and appearance details are perfect.

60 inches LG original 4K screen cool open 60N2

With the rapid rise of the younger generation of consumers, consumers are no longer solely evaluating the quality of television, and the appearance has become an important criterion for the purchase of television. As the center of family entertainment, it has a great influence on the whole family style. Appearance adhering to the cool design of the previous generation of cool TV, the all-metal alloy technology also doubled the fashion sense of this TV. This design concept is also an important direction for the future development of television. One 60N2 in Jingdong Mall priced at 4,599 yuan.

Cool open 60N2 TV with 60-inch LG original LCD screen, while equipped with forward SoundBar, a key Bluetooth function, ultra-narrow full metal frame, CNC precision polished, etc., while increasing the Eiffel high-end base even more fashionable temperament. The "super" word is mainly reflected in the two core advantages: big content cloud game + good hardware.

Cool open 60N2 TV

Cool open 60N2 uses online transmission technology, including over 2000 size games, more than 200 mainframe games, Super Street Fighter 4, Lehman, Far Cry 2, Batman and other major console games can be played, you need a separate 10M + light The network, the game is loaded through the cloud, you can run without burning TV configuration, the better the network, the smoother, the game controller adapts to the universal version.

24 core processor

Cool open 60N2 TV uses a new upgraded Cool Open System 5.5, flat interface style operation is more simple and convenient, color is very young, the overall visual effects make people relaxed and happy. And in the actual hands of the author, the response speed is agile, and almost no caton is encountered. Integrate high-quality resources such as film and television, games, shopping, travel, sports, and health, especially in the game.

55吋 High-end Internet TV Hisense VIDAA

Hisense VIDAA TV has independently developed ULED super-quality display technology, full HDR and other 8 original quality tuning techniques, in terms of quality performance worth the wait. At the same time as a brand targeted at young users, also has a lot of creative human-computer interaction design, curved surface and 8.9mm ultra-thin body in line with high-end Internet TV positioning. This TV is currently priced at 5999 yuan in Jingdong Mall.

VIDAA LED55V1UC fuselage designed a circle with a radius of 11.25mm in the lower right corner of the fuselage. When the finger touches the halo, the TV can be turned on or off. The three-second continuous touch aura, the remote controller turns on the buzzer mode, can help users automatically find the remote controller , To solve the often can not find the pain point of the remote control, can be considered a more humane design.

Hisense VIDAA 55 inch TV LED55VIUC

Different from the four corners of the common TV, the square is different from the four corners of the common TV. The corners of the V1 are formed by bending and forming the metal curved surface. In combination with the ring in the lower right corner, the whole machine looks more rounded. At the same time, as a curved TV, V1 uses 4000R curved screen, with 8.9mm ultra-thin body, 4.3mm narrow border and all-metal back shell, front appearance is Geya champagne gold color, back is gray striped design, base 120 Tilted triangle design.

One-year purchase of iQIYI's film and television members

Over 100+ million hours of content, hundreds of millions of box office blockbusters are almost fully covered, the top 20 in the first quarter of 2016, VIDAA TV covers 19, domestic TV coverage reaches 99%, and high-definition television accounts for 99% of the total. Up to 90%.

Wide Color Gamut 4K Large Screen Micro Whale W65L

The Micro Whale W65L TV uses an ultra-high-definition image quality engine. Through 24 items of image quality and color enhancement technology, the details are sharper and sharper, the edges are smoother and smoother, and the colors are more realistic and natural. After 3,000 hours of meticulous tuning and optimization of the algorithm of the image quality engine, the dynamic contrast of the whale TV is increased to more than 10000:1, real-time adjustment of brightness and darkness of the screen, fine control of highlights and shadows, and a dramatic increase in depth of field. With three-dimensionality, the entire picture is more realistic and vivid. At present, this TV is priced at 6198 yuan in Jingdong Mall.

The whale W65L TV body uses space gray color as a whole, which can better integrate different home styles. Compared with other colors, space ash has higher requirements on quality, requiring hundreds of repeated debuggings and strict color differences. Control, unique space ash is both classic calm and elegant luxury. The thinnest part of the frame is only 9.9mm. The front frame of the fuselage is made of frosted and anodized technology. It feels full of texture and gives people a feeling of high-end atmosphere. It matches the space-grade high-strength aluminum alloy frame, making the slim and lightweight body firm. And straight, to ensure the stability of the machine.

Micro Whale W65L TV

Micro Whale W65L TV is equipped with a 65-inch Samsung original imported RGB true 4K LCD screen, resolution up to 3840*2160, resolution is 4 times full HD 1080P. With a 178-degree wide viewing angle, the picture can be clearly displayed at any angle. And with a high-quality backlight module and carefully tuned Ultra HD quality engine, each color is naturally pure.

Massive Blu-ray large resources

In terms of content resources, the Micro Whale TV relies on strong production examples of Chinese culture to integrate high-quality content resources at home and abroad, including large-scale cinemas of Tencent video, strong media variety show of Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV, and 2000+-hour TVB movie library. As well as the BBC documentary, etc., whether it is a variety show or a movie or television drama, the program that you want to watch can be found on almost all of the small whale television. And buy this TV to send a year membership, great value.

4K four-color HDR multi-core Skyworth 65G7

Skyworth integrates R&D, manufacturing and supply chain with the best resources, adhering to the craftsman spirit and launching the flagship series of new products G7. They represent the high level of the entire industry and Skyworth named it as the “Chinese Dream” series. At the technical level, continuous innovation and breakthroughs, Skyworth G7 uses a high-end HDR technology jointly developed by Skyworth and LG Display, 4-color HDR. One 65-inch TV products in Jingdong Mall priced at 13,199 yuan.

Skyworth G7 Chinese Dream Series

The design of Skyworth G7 originated from China's modern industrial design aesthetics, its visual simplicity is constantly innovating, and its functional design is in the same line. The slim, artistic design concept can even completely dilute our understanding of traditional smart TVs, and let consumers think that television is not just a viewing tool. It can also be done so stylishly and so stylishly. The design concept will also interpret the future direction of smart TV.

Four-color HDR technology

The total number of Skyworth G7 processors is as high as 25 cores in the industry, which is different from the ordinary inherited computing methods. The G7 uses eight independent computing chips to perform their duties, resulting in a comprehensive improvement of various function effects and guaranteeing quality and speed. . And the use of industry benchmark quality technology - 4-color HDR, HDR chip decoding and 4-color screen control chip reading code, effectively reduce the loss of picture quality in the decoding, more realistic to restore the actual picture.

Massive film and television content

For television, both hardware and content are standard and are indispensable. The television industry has always followed a hardware-based approach, but the value of content can no longer be ignored. In particular, exclusive, distinctive content is very attractive to users and can enhance users' willingness to pay for viewing. Not long ago, Skyworth announced that it would like to buy one or two years of Tencent video or iQiyi Qiguo VIP member service on the basis of the original content for consumers who purchase high-end TVs.

Massive content big screen imagine PPTV 65C2

The PPTV 65C2 Ares TV uses the classic night sky black for overall color matching. There are no extra accessories and any jump colors, retaining the beauty of the TV product itself. When the TV was turned off, the black frame merged with the black screen, and it also showed the God of War 65-inch screen. This design is very suitable for any home environment while maintaining a low-key classic. At present, this TV in Suning easy price 5599 yuan.

PPTV 65C2 TV adopts Innolux 4K ultra-high-definition panel, applied direct-lit backlight, the screen resolution reached 3840*2160, allowing users to see every detail in the picture, compared with the traditional HD resolution, the picture is more delicate There is texture. In terms of configuration, PPTV 65C2 TV has MIMO dual-income and dual-receiving technology, 1G memory + 8G large storage space, professional-grade Mstar 6A938 chip with Mali-T720 graphics processor, release a powerful processing power, to ensure a smooth playback experience.

4K Ultra High Definition Large Screen

Mass sports events

As an Internet video content service brand with eleven years of experience, PPTV's strategic content layout at the big screen endures no effort. Not only is there a five-year league title exclusive to La Liga, but China’s cutting-edge Zhang Yuning is the sole owner of the game. In addition, UFC and WWE, two top-tier fighting events that have accumulated huge numbers of high-quality fans in the country, have their own broadcast rights. Others such as the Champions League, AFC, Bundesliga, Premier League and other football feasts have also been copyrighted. At the same time, the purchase of PPTV 65C2 TV will also give away three months SVIP members, in addition to removing advertising, there are many privileges.

65-inch flagship quantum dot TCL Q65X1S-CUD

The TCL X1 is equipped with the world's top display technology, such as Yue Quan QD display technology, brilliant image quality processing engine, Dolby Vision HDR, and Local Dimming partition backlighting, to achieve a huge leap forward. One 65-inch TV products in the official TCL Mall price of 28,899 yuan, and interested friends may wish to look at.


XESS creatively uses the 4000R gold visual curvature screen with the same curvature as the human eye, providing users with a stunning immersive viewing experience. Whether it is like HBO's genuine American drama, exclusive cinema new movie, sports events, or game-playing consumers, TCL's surface TVs have a lot of high-quality free content that they can't finish. The viewing requirements will allow users to enjoy the visual feast during the National Day.

Quantum dots display material

Another major breakthrough for XESS TV was to directly increase the peak brightness to 1500 nits, which made the OLED products with a peak brightness of 600 nits overshadow. The human-readable range of brightness is from 0.00001 nits to 20000 nits, while the display brightness of traditional TVs is only 0.117 nits to 400 nits. In addition, TCL has taken the lead in challenging the higher standards and will fully satisfy resources, hardware, and software for HDR solutions. Finally obtained DolbyVision certification standards.

Carrying life with quality and taste

In the open test of the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Radio and TV products not long ago, it was proved that T1-based televisions are mainly X1. The major performance indicators are much higher than the industry average, including X1 color gamut coverage (DCI-P3). The highest values in the database, the peak brightness exceeding the industry average of 77.9%, and the color brightness exceeding the industry average of 26% have broken the current industry level.

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